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About Us

We've always tried to do things better, not just differently

Our mission is to deliver the promise of cloud and provide excellent value for our customers.

With more than 10 years of cloud connectivity experience, we’ve built an unmatched depth and breadth of expertise in cloud technologies and their application to business.

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Positive Feedback That Encourages Us


“With our high-profile clients having a reliable cloud connection for our staff in Birmingham is absolutely vital for us. We are delighted to be teaming up with you to provide our managed 1Gbps cloud connect line, because it is resilient and secure.”

Scott Whitehouse
Head of Technical Delivery, Substrakt

“They possess invaluable industry specific knowledge and contacts in the areas of data & communications. We would have had to do all that work ourselves, and then manage a number of independent contracts, causing a lot of administration overhead that we simply don’t have time for.”

Dave Whitehouse
Head of Infrastructure, Shell Energy

Meet Our Team

Paul Taylor

Support Specialist

Support specialist who's been around the block, enjoys photography, football and ferret racing. He is smart and energetic, but can also be quite sneaky and a bit stingy.

David Matthews

Support Specialist

Experienced support specialist who enjoys hockey, baking and binge-watching boxed sets. He is brave and bright, but can also be a little greedy and also we're sorry he's a bit boring.

Colette Chandler

Company Secretary

Highly adaptable and skilled in everything. Of course she's also witty, intelligent and balanced, but they're in shorter supply, especially considering they're mixed with being blunt too.

Sebastian Jesson-Ward


Founder, Dad, cyclist, car nut. Can often be observed mid-dramatic monologue, usually about some or other piece of software or hardware not being intuitive. May occasionally multi-task in the pursuit of a solution to a problem nobody else believes exists.

David Lyle


A wise wizard once said 'Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.' Teaching Fellow in marketing at BCU, consulting and helping old ladies. This allows me to exercise my skills: investigating crooks and washing dishes.

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