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Cloud Connect Explained | An Introductory Guide

Cloud Connect Explained

Rapidly connect to network and cloud services across a 100% neutral, Software Defined Network. Elastic Interconnections for site-to-cloud, data centre-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud connections. Delivered in as quickly as two minutes, up to 10Gbps burstable, with flexible contract terms as little as one month. Implement secure, private and dedicated links end-to-end, from the site fibre to the data centre or cloud VPC.

What is Cloud Connect?

If, like many organisations, you are using the cloud, it’s important to know about the connectivity infrastructure that supports the cloud. While most data will travel across the public Internet, or with a VPN via the public Internet, Cloud Connect is a dedicated connection between your network, and your cloud services. A dedicated connection means your data bypasses the public infrastructure, and therefore benefits from consistent performance and improved security.

Cloud Connect allows you to connect to any one of the many cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Google Cloud, Oracle, HP and Salesforce. Additionally you can get cost savings by using the same connection for multiple services. Efficiencies can also be gained through mitigation of outages through a fault resistant architecture, which allows an uptime of up to 99.999%.

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